Perry Gargano’s collection draws upon a combination of iconography, symbolism, and archetypal imagery inspired by nature. He continues this season with a  Sea inspired theme, that eludes to a deep collective consciousness with playful touches of imagination.
A wide array of experience. a toy inventor, art director, and production designer for theater and film. He worked as an exhibit designer for the the WCS Bronx Zoo, at the Museum of Natural History, and privately for several leading installation artists.
The brand has had a small pioneering atelier in Williamsburg Brooklyn for the past 7 years. Our focus is on developing a signature, curated brand. An organic range of jewelry, home accessories, objets, and keepsakes. Perry has been found and commissioned for both one of a kind and large retail work, including several seasons of a successful home collection for Anthropologie. He was chosen to participate in the DENYC program sponsored by FIT and the New York City Economic Development counsel, an incubator for a select group of emerging designers, and again the international housewares show new designers. We are excited to broaden our consumer base while developing a dedicated following within the object design and home market.
The pieces are hand built, and cast locally in Brooklyn.